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The Western Division of Freewill Baptist

Who We Are – We are the Western Division of Free Will Baptist who Worship the Lord Jesus Christ in the beauty of holiness, preaching the Full Gospel of the Kingdom and the Whole Counsel of God’s Word. The Western Division of Freewill Baptist consists of Local Churches of Spirit-Filled, Blood Washed, Baptized, and Born-Again Believers in Christ.

Our Mission and Vision – The mission of Western Division Churches is to “Exalt the Savior”, “Evangelize the Sinner” and “Equip the Saint”. The Western Division exists to make Christ known to the world through a loving, growing, and serving group of committed believers who share a common vision. Our vision includes: Building and maintaining a diverse family of healthy Congregations and Annual Conferences who fulfill the Great Commission by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with lost and hurting  humanity; In addition, we seek to fulfill the Great Commandment by Loving God and our neighbor with the sacrificial love of Jesus Christ. As people called by God, we gather together in General Conference to praise God, listen to His Spirit, and respond to the teaching and preaching of His Word; We encourage each other in the faith and exhort loving obedience to Christ. We love and care for one another as God’s people through acts of kindness and charity; We commit ourselves to serve and to tell others about the riches of God’s Grace as found in Jesus our Savior; And we pursue God’s justice and peace in every area of life.

Our Worship Style – The worship styles within the Western Division Churches range from that of quiet and comtemplative to loud and very exuberant. Our worship tradition allows for the full range of biblical experessions; therefore, we encourage partipatory worship that is joyful and reverent, celebrative and meditative, encouraging and convicting. The Bible is our model for our worship of God in spirit and in truth. True worship examples can be found in Psalms 95, 100 and 150. In these Psalms, the people of God are exhorted to come before his presence in a spirit of celebration with energetic praise. The Lord’s people are encouraged to express joy and gladness, high energy and celebration. In addition to heartfelt expressive singing accompanied by various musical intruments, God’s Word exhorts us to testify to our personal confidence in the faithfulness of God though creative concerts of music and praise dance as an expression of our faith.  The scriptures also teach us to sing hymns and worship choruses, to shout, dance, clap-hands, weep, bow and extol the greatness of our God with the full range of our God given emotions.  Our praise is not to be subdued, but to be openly expressed for He is Worthy to be praised with all that we have spirit, soul and body.

Our Ecclesiastical Government – The Western Division of Freewill Baptist is distinctive in that its organization and Church Government are a modified mixture between the Congregational and Episcopal forms of ecclesiastical government. Each Annual Conference, District Conference and Local Church has a right to govern itself as long as it abides by the constitution and by-laws, rules, regulations and guidelines as set forth by the General Conference Discipline. The General Conference is the overseeing body for all the Western Division Churches and Conferences. The General Conference is the highest government and the final authority in the Western Division of Free Will Baptist, Inc.

National Convention of Free Will Baptist

The Western Division General Conference is afflilated with a larger association of African American Freewill Baptist Churches which convene every two years in July as the National Convention of Free Will Baptist.

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