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       Biography of Dr. Raymond Captville

Bishop Captville 2016

Bishop Raymond Captville was selected by God and affirmed by the people of God as General Bishop of the Western Division of Free Will Baptist, Inc. in October 2003. Also, during this time he became a Board Member of the National Convention of Free Will Baptists, U.S.A., and was confirmed in July, 2016 as the National President. Prior to being elevated to presiding prelate, Bishop Captville served diligently and faithfully as State Bishop of Louisiana Free Will Baptist, Inc. and as pastor of Greater Rose Hill Baptist Church. In June 2015, he was elected to serve a 5th term as General Bishop of the Western Division of Free Will Baptist, Inc.

Bishop Captville is a native of Abbeville, Louisiana; however, he currently resides in Baton Rouge with his wife, Jenniver, and they are proud and grateful parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Bishop Captville is gifted with abilities and talents that allow him to serve God and the people of God in many ways. In addition to his many church and Christian endeavors, he is a former entrepreneur and community activist who is civically engaged in matters of justice, economics, educational, and political issues that prepare God’s people to be more that conquerors.

Bishop Captville is devoted to providing opportunities for others to pursue an education that they might gain wisdom and understanding. He presently holds a Masters of Christian Leadership from Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College in Moore, Oklahoma, a Doctor of Divinity and a Doctor of Christian Education from Freedom Bible College and Seminary, located in Rogers, Arkansas. In February 2009, he established Trinity Online Bible College, Inc. and later partnered with Hillsdale Bible College in Moore Oklahoma. In February, 2013 Bishop Captville founded Mount Moriah’s Family Baptist Church in Baton Rouge where the Word of God is being taught and “Families are being built and restored”. Dedicated to his calling and leadership as Bishop, he is resolute in his faith, calm in demeanor, and committed to Christian Education. 

Bishop Captville Preaching

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